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Arc spray metallization

  • In the wire arc process 2 consumable wire electrodes are feeded to an arc spray gun, an electric arc melts the tips of the wire electrodes resulting in an atomized spray wich is directed by a compressed air spray gun on the work surface (piece to be metallized).
  • Application for Arc spray metallization:
  • -    Surface hardening – spindles, collar pins, pivots, and so on;
  • -    Corrosion resistance – gas bottles, galvanized weld, boilers;
  • -    Coatings on plastic, glass – bonding, decorative, personalization, sealing;
  • -    Oxidation, heat rezistance, hingh temperatures;
  • -    Restoration of ferrous, nonferrous substrates, automotive body repair;
  • -    Wear resistance – abrasive wear, friction wear.
  • Metal overlayed with this process may be chrome, stainless steel, zinc, antifriction alloys, non-ferrous alloys, and so on:
  • Max melting output (kg/hr): zinc 30, aluminium 8,60, Cr-Ni-Steel 13.20-14.30, Al-Bronze 15-15.90.
  • Advantages of arc spray metallization:
  • - low operation costs;
  • - stable deposition rates;
  • - reduced substrate heating;
  • - thicker coating and more easily finished than other methods;
  • - sealed piping can be coated without the risc of explosion;
  • - no size limit for the metallized parts.