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The TB single frame belt conveyors are designed to respond as much as possible to the customer’s requirements. There are tree constructive versions: light, reinforced and sturdy.

The TB single frame belt conveyor range: TB300, TB400, TB500, TB650, TB800, TB1000, where 300, 400, 500, 650, 800 and 1000 represents the rubber belt width in millimeters.  The rubber belt is in accordance with DIN 22102 and it could be ordered with different cover plate strengths, tensile strengths and durability, heat resistant, having smooth or fishbone design.

The lengths of each type of TB single frame range from 3 m up to 25 m. The frames are painted or zinc coated. Each type is powered by a drum motor (the electric motor and the gear box are built inside the driving drum), and all conveyors are delivered ready to be connected to the power supply. If required, the types TB650, TB800 and TB1000 can be equipped with conventional motor and shaft-mounted gear box.