Conveyor Systems

GEROM designed and manufactures chain conveyors for underground mining and belt conveyors for construction industries. The conveyors work in completly different environment, but there are a few common features: durability, reliability, easy handling and low maintenance.


  • Chain Conveyors

    Down underground it is a different world, harsh and difficult. Designed for coal transportation underground, the chain conveyors we developed and improved over the years, are strong and reliable, they carry every day the coal mined in all C.N.H. hard coal mines. GEROM manufactures all parts including the gear boxes, head and tail frames, line pans, flight bars, connectors and sprockets. The conveyors can be assembled from component parts quickly due to it’s modular construction.


  • Belt Conveyors

    GEROM designed and manufactures belt conveyors for construction industries. The range is quite large and any customer can find the suitable conveyor. Durable and reliable due to to the high quality parts we use, these conveyors respond to different conditions and cover up a wide range of materials that needs to be transported. Easy to handle, these conveyors can be moved quickly.