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GEROM International S.A. through its component companies has been active in mining equipment manufacturing for more than 100 years.

Our history starts in 1909 when the first company was founded.

Situated in the most famous mining field of Romania, GEROM has been for more than a century the main supplier of the whole underground mining companies all over the country. The most important events of modern underground mining in Romania are certainly related and strongly connected to us.

Since 1909 we have continuously developed the main equipment for underground mining, technologies and we have actually provided the necessary support for all our customers in achieving their main goals.

If we have to describe in just a few words what we have been doing we would say: precision, innovation, rightness and durability.

Over the years, we also had an important role in keeping this industry running in an area centered on mining and mining equipment fabrication only. Our contribution for the development of local community is significant. We have built up our success as a strong team, working all together, moving things forward and always keeping our promises.

Let us show you around:

Raising the first buildings in 1909

The main workshop in the 30s

The first chain conveyor, 30s

The Endless Column (author: Constantin Brancusi),
designed and manufactured in 1937

GEROM’s headquarters

Aerial view of GEROM