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Since 1909 we have continuously developed our products, improved and extended our services. With this experience, GEROM offers high quality and reliable products, innovation and durability. Our products range from hydraulic props, hydraulic cylinders, valves, link bars, and powered roof supports to chain and belt conveyors, wheel pulleys and drill rods. Before every delivery to our customer, our products are tested following certain company standards. We just want to make sure, once more, that everything has been done properly.



The GEROM’s hydraulic equipment (hydraulic props, hydraulic cylinders-heavy series, valves and filling guns) is custom designed in order to work in very “unfriendly”, dangerous and harsh environment. Down underground, on the earth, at sea or wherever hydraulic power is needed we can provide the proper equipment.

GEROM is committed to providing safe and reliable hydraulics. You are to receive the power you need.

Metallic confections

GEROM can produce many kind of metallic confection from steel with the following grade of complexity: small, medium, or complex. The weight of the pieces can be over 12 tones.

In following pictures we present some recent products made in our factory:


Roof Supports

Down underground, deep in the mines, the safety is essential, no question about it. Supporting the roof is the main issue for every coal miner. It is simple, without supporting the roof you just cannot go on. Our proposal: safe and reliable roof supporting products based on proven technologies. This is what we offer: the simple but reliable GSA, GS link bars (forming together with the hydraulic props a flexible roof supporting system) and for longwalls, the powered roof supports SMA range.


Conveyor Systems


GEROM designed and manufactures chain conveyors for underground mining and belt conveyors for construction industries. The conveyors work in completly different environment, but there are a few common features: durability, reliability, easy handling and low maintenance.


drillrodsSince the beginning we have focused on manufacturing those products that the surrounding hard coal mines needed. We have done repairs and have performed maintenance that was also requested. An important part of our offer includes wheel pulleys, spare parts for pit cages and drill rods.